The making of a farm series

Day 50


Bird eye chilli

This chilli plant feeds on organic manure, rarely fertilised, gives ample yield for household use.


I don’t encourage people to feed stray animals, they are dangerous. To children walking on the roads, old persons out for a stroll or a middle aged person like me. I still feel the rage that a group of stray dogs once bestowed on me, to abandon my morning walk and rush into the parked bus nearby; and pretty much bang the door on their faces. I looked around, heaved a relief – the bus was empty.

As I reminisced over a heated discussion with my colleague, I thought I rather let out my rage than sugar coat it. 

Alas, my karma follows me – stray dog found on the porch and don’t have heart to turn it away. Maybe rabid, body full of ticks and blood soaked mites – welcome stranger!!

The head 

The eyes shone bright

Though still and placid;

I watched the ants devour

And the flies dance a gala;

The blood fresh and hot

Not knowing the path anymore;

Stared ahead 

And laid those million thoughts to rest.